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Posted by Scott Williams:
I have problems with Monel. My biology doesnt like the metal and I end up with electrolysis and slow hanging valves. Used HLF on my super tight Harrelson Monel valves and casings. Night and day! I know I have to clean them more often until i can get them nickel plated, but until then, HLF works better than a chem and ultrasonic clean.

To Prestovalve:

I heard of this product through a friend in a community band I play in, so I ordered some with a valve brush. I was a little surprised by the expense, but then when I received it, I was surprised how little I used, so it will last a long time. I've never heard of anything eating up oil like this, but man does it work!  I inherited my dad's Mount Vernon Bach, and had decided to have the valves redone, but trying Prestovalves first made sense, and I do have several horns I can use it on. The third valve sticks from time to time, no matter how much I clean it and oil itl. I've always used Al Cass, so I knew it wasn't the valve oil. I never played my dad's Bach in band because I was afraid it would stick in a performance. Let me tell you, the valve action on my Bach is as good as it gets now! We just started back in rehearsal last week, and all the way through rehearsal I was fingering the valves over and over just because the action was so good! I am a retired administrator, but never quit playing. Now I'm overjoyed to use dad's trumpet that he loved so much. I now understand why brass players need to use prestovalves, it is the stuff!

James C.


From Brent Allgood, Trumpet Player


To PrestoValves:

My band director told me to get a new trumpet, because my valves keep sticking. The second valve was the worse. She told me my valve casing was bent, so it was no good.  My mom ordered the valve cleaner you sell (PrestoValves Formula HLF) and I used a toothbrush to clean with. My valves are like new, and my band director is so surprised. Thanks. Mom can't afford another trumpet so this is cool.





From Greg Wilson:

Hi, Jerry,

PrestoValves is awesome! Received your shipment in time for the summer repair onslaught. Thanks again!

Greg Wilson, Instrument Repair Technician, Metropolitan Music, Seattle, WA


From David O'Neill, Christian Performing/Recording Artist:

Note # 1:

A quick shout out to Jerry Pollard. Your valve cleaner (horn cleaner too) Presto valves is fantastic. I took an old horn that was sitting on the shelf and cleaned it with your product. Never felt and responded better!!!


Note # 2 

Jerry, I received the (PrestoValves Formula

 HLF) valve wash. I used it on a old horn I had laying around. It worked really really well. Those valve felt like I had honey on them and stuck even after oiling them. I let them sit over night in the wash, then used a tooth brush to scub them. Lots of 'stuff' came off. They are like lightning now.


Mike Carver, Trombonist, Edwards Artist:

"Makes old oil and grease disappear, BAM! It's gone! Works Great!

Beverly Moore Instrument Technician Gadsden Music Company:

"I absolutely love this product! I have used it on everything from trumpet valves to clarinet rings. It cleans thoroughly and rinses easily. It is quick and easy and a must have for instrument maintenance".

Tommy Bulman, Trumpet Artist and Repair Center at Giant Steps Music, Chattanooga, Tn:

"Man, that stuff works great! Valves and throw slides work great now!"​

From Don Brannon, Retired Band Director and trumpet player:


I'd like to share my experience with your new product, PrestoValves.
When I purchased PrestoValves I had in mind a friend of mine who has a Benge flugelhorn.  He was constantly complaining about the valves hanging.  He showed me several times -- he would hold a valve down for a
couple of seconds, and when he released it, the valve would visibly hang on the way up.  Nothing we tried gave him favorable results for more than a day or 2.
      Last night I got his horn from him and gave the horn a thorough cleaning.  I used PrestoValves on the valves and the valve casings as instructed.  (I did spend more than the recommended time cleaning these items.)
       I must say, the results were impressive.  Just wiping my finger across the cleaned valves I could tell they were cleaner than I am used to.  It's had to describe what squeaky clean feels like, but the valves and the casings felt squeaky clean.  When the horn was reassembled the valves moved like new valves.
       I'm keeping the horn at my house for a few days, and several times a day I am taking the valves through their paces so to speak.  So far I have been very impressed at how well the valves move.

      My experience has shown me that the product lives up to the hype.  I look forward to using it on my piccolo trumpet next.  PrestoValves is excellent stuff.

Don Brannon

Don Brannon, 2nd testimonial:

Jerry -- I finally got around to cleaning my flugelhorn and piccolo tyrumpet valves last night. I continue to be impressed as I had no idea those valves could work as well as they do now. I did discover a neat little trick. After soaking the valves for a while, I inserted and worked the valves in the casings, redipping as needed. I can feel the gunk in the casings breaking up.

Robert Pendergast · Solo Euphonium, Jericho Brass, Euphonium Virtuoso

Hi Jerry, I did a quick wash of my valves (just the pistons). This stuff works great! I wish my fingers were faster. It also really helps with legato when the valves don't get caught up.

Bud Rolf: Trumpet Player

Ok, I'm a skeptic, but the science must work because my valves have been a little draggy, but now they feel so free! I can't wait to clean my whole horn! I'm ordering a valve casing brush now, and thanks for developing this product, it is a game changer.

Dr. John Bryant, Trumpet Professor, Young Harris College, Georgia:​

        Ok. Wow. Very impressed!!!! I cleaned each student's valves today (at my trumpet camp)- even an old 1940s cornet. Made all of the valves feel new. Heck of product here, Jerry. Tried on my valves this morning. Going to try on whole horn this weekend. Thank you so much!!!

Ryan Stransky, Trumpet Specialist, Schmitt Music Trumpet Shop, Minnesota

I have found out a true system to Maintenance and Cleanliness Perfection. After just cleaning my C, I have NEVER felt my valves and slides this smooth, clean, and fast. I would like to recognize Jerry Pollard for the PrestoValve Formula HLF and the amazing guys at Monster Oil, LLC for their incredible products. You should really check them out if you want your horn to love you back..............PrestoValves is awesome. Turned out perfectly. I will be ordering a bigger bottle to make up a batch for myself and friends/customers. I'll let you know when I need some! Thanks for the amazing solution, I couldn't be more pleased. This will be the next big thing on the market!

From David Cooper, Trumpet Player


Today I received the brush and per the instructions cleaned my horn!!!!

This stuff is Amazing!!!!!!!

I have been cleaning my horns for many years and I am truly amazed!!!!

Thank You!!!!!!   Wow!!!!!

From Roy Perrin, Texas Trumpet Player


Yesterday I received my PrestoValves, "World's Best

Valve Cleaner", (Formula HLF) and indeed, I believe it really is.  I have already cleaned the valves, casings and my entire 60 year old Reynolds Contempora, Leonard Smith model trumpet.  You are right, it makes it "squeaky" clean.  I don't remember seeing the valve plating as shiny as it is now.  Bye-Bye sticky valves, thanks to Presto Valves!  

Thank you, Jerry Pollard, and good luck!

From Pavel Spichak, new Marine, and fine trumpet player:

Hey Jerry! I didn't have enough time to send you an email before bootcamp, but your cleaning solution did the trick! The valves are very smooth! Probably smoother than before!! I just needed to break them in a bit more, and let them sit overnight. But it does work!!

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