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DiaBrass is a cream-like Nano Polymer formulated to protect all brasswind finishes. It needs a few hours cure time after application, but will leave a very hard and durable clear coat to protect your horn from the elements, valve oil, spittle, and dust. Your finish will almost be immune to scratches, and the value of your horn will be maximized.

Use VERY LITTLE, apply with a microfiber cloth (supplied) ,let dry, and polish off!

You won't believe your eyes, and months from now your horn will still look great, with a diamond-like hard coat!

The sound is not affected, but the value and looks sure are!


brazz is a completly new concept for cleaning and beautifying RAW BRASS instruments, but also silver and gold plated. DO NOT USED ON LAQUERED HORNS.

. Polish with brazz, buff off, and your raw brass will be amazing looking, plus, it will have a very effective protective coating as well! Kit includes TWO microfiber towels.


Presto-Armor is a very fine premium silver, gold,laquer, and raw brass polish. The tarnish on silver disappears immediately, no fumes, no sulphur odor. As a silver polish, it is gentle, and subtracts no silver, then leaves a very beautiful coating. All finishes. Comes in a kit with a Microfiber Cloth.

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