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Hi, I'm Jerry Pollard, and I have either invented or developed products specifically for the improvement, care, and maintenance of brasswind instruments. All our products are made in the USA, to the highest standards. If I wouldn't personally own or use it, you won't see it on this website! Also, I am now developing a few products for woodwinds. The products can be divided into four main categories, as follows:

1] Pollard Water Key

          The very best water key for all brasswinds. Designed to address all the weaknesses and limitations of the cork- seal lever design that's been around for 150 years, but also the Amado Water Key, which is very popular, but sticks a lot! A simple change of geometry makes the Pollard Water Key the best and most dependable design on the market, with an aesthetically pleasing form-follows-function design. The Pollard Water Key makes a very nice looking addition to any brasswind. It looks great,and will function reliably over many years while improving in function with age and usage! Many fine manufacturers now offer the PWK as an upgrade.


                                                          Read more about the Pollard Water Key 

2] PrestoValves Valve and Slide Cleaning Products

           Formula HLF         

PrestoValves Valve Cleaning products are unique, in that they work! The Formula HLF is available in a concentrate as well as a ready to use spray bottle. The Formula HLF is a biodegradable degreaser formulated expecially for brasswinds, and it is singular in its ability to destroy oil at the molecular level. Old oil builds up over time, and some oils even have a detergent added which compounds the problem.  Using Formula HLF as instructied will insure that the valves will be clean down to the microscopic level, allowing your lubricants to really work. Since it is NOT a soap, there is NO SOAP RESIDUE to gum up. HLF is a great value, and nothing works as well to super-clean your valves,slides, or entire horn. More info 


The Valve Stripper

PrestoValves Valve Stripper is a unique very high grade petroleum based cleaner in a convenient spray bottle,  is non-flammable. odorless,  and leaves no residue on your valves and slides. It won't harm your finish, nor any part of your brasswind, yet will quickly remove stubborn and gummy build up from your valves. While not as thorough as Formula HLF, The Valve Stripper works fantastically when you have sticky valves, but not enough time to clean properly with Formula HLF. The Valves Stripper works beautifully to remove gunk from your tuning slides and throw slides as well! Due to the spray bottle, only a small amount is used, so a 2 oz bottle will last through dozens of valve cleanings. Use with a microfiber cloth for best results.

                                                                                          More info

3] PrestoValves Premium Lubricants


Speed Demon Hybrid Valve Oils

PrestoValves Speed Demon "FAST" and "Vintage Friendly", White Lightning, and Dragon Juice Valve oils are all HYBRID products. Throughout the development of these products, I was constantly assessing  the characteristics of different oils on the market today, and I knew from years as a player what had to my primary goal, and that is to develop a valve and rotor oil product of the highest caliber, and to make is odorless, super clean, and long lasting. That is exactly what we have. Also, every horn has unique valves, and each player has different expectations, so that is why at this point, we offer four different valve oil products, all hybrid.  All the hybrid oils we offer are considered "FAST", and the viscosity of the White Lightning makes it the fastest, followed by the Dragon Juice, Speed Demon FAST (Blue), and Speed Demon Vintage (Red). (Some historical bands are now specifying Speed Demon Vintage for their antiques)


The most common feedback we get is "I can't believe how smooth and how long this valve oil lasts!" More info 

Silky-Slides and Slik-Slides

PrestoValves Silky-Slides is the highest quality, smoothest, and silkiest throw slide lubricant available, bar none. Fully synthetic, it is the perfect viscosity for great 1st and 3rd valve slide action! More info 


PrestoValves Slik-Slides is a high temperature synthetic GEL, for use on all fixed slides, but also for all screwed components of brasswinds, including mouthpieces, top and bottom valve caps, valve buttons, stop- slide screws, and any brass to brass connection which tends to seize with temperature and/or time. Slik-Slides will not melt away or migrate, so your tuning slides and threads will still work smoothly even when untouched for months! More info 


PrestoValves Spindle Oil

PrestoSlides Spindle Oil is and very high quality synthetic lubricant, odorless, and has the perfect viscosity for  smooth and noiseless operation of rotor spindles of rotary valved instruments, including trombones, tuba, french horn, rotary trumpets, and antique saxhorns.  Also, the very high purity will help prevent corrosion of rotor spindles. Supplied with a stainless steel precision needle for accurate lubrication. Use on all linkages as well. More info 

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