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 PrestoValves Valve Stripper is a great new product from Pollard Specialty Products! Strips OLD OIL RESIDUE from your valves quickly! It is a very highly refined petroleum product. No carcinogens or hazardous suspended particles, Valve Stripper is super pure. Valve Stripper has absolutely NO ODOR, is non-staining, removes all oil residue and cleans your valves squeaky clean! It is also non flammable. Use when you have to get the gummy gunk off your valves quickly, It is safe for all finishes, and leaves no residue at all when used according to the instructions. Instructions: Remove the brasswind pistons, hold over a paper towel or cloth to catch overspray or drips, and spray the piston main body (the part with ports) completely. Wipe the piston with a non-lint cloth. The valve will squeaky clean, just like when you use Formula HLF! TAKE IT ALL OFF!

Look also at the full KIT with Microfiber Cloth and Brush


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