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We Care For your Brass!

Pollard Specialty Products

Pollard Water Key
PrestoValves Products

For the Love of Brass


Our products are designed, invented, or developed to not only be effective in caring for your precious brasswind instrument, but also to be a great value, either in pure cost for the product, or, in performance and longer term advantages. For instance, our Hybrid Valve Oils last, according to many customers, about twice as long as other oils, and keep performing optimally. Our Pollard Water Key should go decades with no issues, and in fact, improve with age. Our protectant products, such as PrestoArmor and Liquid DiaBrass will add value to to your instrument over time, because the beauty of the horn will be maintained with regular usage.  Your horn is worth it.


We Believe in that simple word. 

The BEST Water Key
Pollard Water Key
For all Brasswinds

Brasswind Valve Cleaning Products

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Brasswind Beauty Products

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